Our Story

We sure love our dog Harley.
My husband Scott really loves beer.
Unfortunately, so does Harley.
We are Shannon and Scott Edmonstone and we I live in beautiful British Columbia nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with our two teenage daughters (pray for us often), our adopted cat named Kitten, and our also adopted dog Harley. Harley is the dog that Scott didn't want.  Harley is also now Scott's favourite child.  
One thing about BC peeps is we love our beer.  Craft beer specifically.  It's basically a requirement of living here.  Don't like craft beer?  Get out.  LOL!  Just kidding (sort of). 
We also really like dogs here.  They're everywhere.  Stores, parks, mountain trails, and especially patios.  Lots and lots of patios serving up cold mountain craft brew to dog owners all over the place.  
What do the dogs get?  Water.  (Insert big, heavy dog sigh here). We all know that alcohol is extremely dangerous for our pets, but dogs love beer.  It's a proven fact. (Ok, maybe we're taking some liberties here). 
So what was Scott to do when his best furry friend friend looked up at him with those sweet, spoiled, puppy dog eyes, hoping to share just a bit of the best tasting thing to ever hit her floppy, lips?
**Lightbulb Moment** We needed to make her some of her very own of course!
This summer time, music and drinks on the deck, flash of genius required a lot more research that we thought it would folks. We needed to figure out how to make beverage that would include healthy and nutritional ingredients, have NO hops or alcohol, but still have the beer flavour our pets recognize.
Harley had to do a lot of taste testing - she loved it. (We had to do a lot of taste testing too - we don't want to talk about it).
The result was a crafted beer made just for our perfect canine - a perfect Canine Craft.
Homemade bone broth, spinach, blueberries, and turmeric - all Canadian sourced and all human grade - are added to every batch of this heavenly hound hooch. There isn't anything in it that we wouldn't eat ourselves or feed to our children and friends. (Don't worry, we won't feed this to you when you come for a visit).
So that's our story.  Just a love for our dog, and an idea inspired by a beloved beverage.  Drop us a line and tell us your doggie love story.  We'd love to hear from you!   Cheers!
The Edmonstone Family
P.S. - People often ask us what we've made for Kitten.  Well stay posted because we didn't forget about her *Wink*