Does Canine Craft contain any alcohol?  Even just a little bit? 

NO.  Our dog beer does not contain any alcohol or hops.

Why can't my dog just have some of my human beer?

While alcohol can be toxic to dogs and humans alike, the processes that break down alcohol are not regulated in a dog in the same way as a person who consumes alcohol once in a while.  Hops are just as bad.  Compounds in the hops can cause a malignant hyperthermia, which results in a rapid rise of body temperature and can result in permanent damage to the organs and brain or even death.

So be a good human and keep your own beer away from Fido.

My cat likes Canine Craft too.  Can I give her some?

Absolutely!  But we're not sure your dog will want to share.

It smells kind of good.  Can I drink it?

Of course!  All of the ingredients in Canine Craft are high quality, human grade and yes - we've tried it...a lot....in the development stages of course.

I mean, its made for a dogs pallet so maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't, but we've thought about putting it in a stew because we think it would give it a certain, umami if you will, and oh it could be a great marinade....

Listen, you're the one that asked!  Jeesh - we're not weird - your weird for making it weird!

How much should I give my pet?

That's totally up to you and your pooch.  Some like to put in a little bowl, some like to mix it with the kibble, and some will drink the whole bottle out of a crystal stein!  (We may or may not have done that for Harley on her birthday).  Just remember - its not a meal replacement, just a treat.  One should not live on beer alone (unfortunately).